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Q - Is Electrolysis permanent?
A - Yes, because Electrolysis destroys the source of nourishment to the hair, making its growth impossible.

Q - Will there be regrowth after Electrolysis?
A - Yes. Some regrowth is to be expected due to natural causes, heredity or distorted hair follicles caused by the use of temporary methods. By following the instructions of your electrologist, permanent results will be achieved.

Q - Is the treatment painful?
A - There may be a slight sensation but treatments can be quite comfortable. The Electrologist can find a comfortable working point or can apply a topical anesthetic to help with the pain.

Q - Are there any side effects?
A - If after treatment instructions are followed, there should be no after effects.

Q - Is Electrolysis expensive?
A - The joy of having smooth hair-free skin permanently is never expensive. Rates are based on length of treatment which your electrologist will recommend.

Q - What areas can be treated?
A - Almost all areas where access hair is a problem.

Q - What will a consultation cost?
A - Nothing. You are invited to call or come in for a complimentary consultation and analysis and have answers to any other questions you may have.

Now more than ever your best answer to permanent hair removal is ELECTROLYSIS.

Take the first step & call or text us. You will be glad you did !

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